To assist those interested in learning more about environmental law in the U.S. and the State of Georgia, the following materials have been gathered for your use.  Please note that these materials are not all-encompassing, and are provided as a general overview only.  Provision of this information should not be considered by the reader as legal opinion. 


  • A Realistic Evaluation of Climate Change Litigation Through the Lens of a Hypothetical Lawsuit
  • Acronyms (A-M)
  • Acronyms (N-Z)
  • Chart: Known Climate Change Actions
  • Climate Change and Storm Surge
  • Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act
  • Climate Change Litigation: Trends and Developments
  • Ecosystem Services and the Public Trust Doctrine: Working Change from Within
  • Environmental Coverage
  • Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts – N.M. v. G.E.
  • EPA Enforcement Actions
  • EPA’s National Priorities List 2008-2010
  • Federal Environmental Laws
  • Global Warming in the Supreme Court:What Does Massachusetts v. EPA Mean for You (and Planet Earth)?
  • Pending Actions istopher R. Reeves, attorney, environmental, litigation, atlanta, georgia, climate change, water, Finley, lawyer, law
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