IPCC Working Group I Report “The Physical Science Basis”

Front Matter

Summary for Policymakers

Technical Summary

Frequently Asked Questions (extracted from chapters below)


Chapter 1 Historical Overview of Climate Change Science

Chapter 2 Changes in Atmospheric Constituents and in Radiative Forcing

Chapter 3 Observations: Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change

Supplementary Material: Appendix 3.B. Techniques, Error Estimation and Measurement Systems (including references)

Chapter 4 Observations: Changes in Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground

Chapter 5 Observations: Oceanic Climate Change and Sea Level

Chapter 6 Palaeoclimate

Supplementary Material: Appendix 6.A. Glossary for Terms Specific to Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Couplings Between Changes in the Climate System and Biogeochemistry

Chapter 8 Climate Models and their Evaluation

Supplementary Material: Appendix 8.A. Supplementary Figures and Tables

Chapter 9 Understanding and Attributing Climate Change

Supplementary Material: Appendices & References

Chapter 10 Global Climate Projections

Supplementary Material: Supplementary Details, Tables & Figures

Figures Showing Individual Model Results for Different Climate Variables

Chapter 11 Regional Climate Projections

Supplementary Material: Appendix 11. Tables, Figures, References


Annexes: (1)Glossary, (2)Authors, (3)Reviewers, (4)Acronyms




Uncertainty Guidance Note for the Fourth Assessment Report


Errata for the Working Group I Fourth Assessment Report




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