Bulgaria: Within 20 years Dobrudja to Turn into a Desert



In less than 20 years Dobrudja (northeastern Bulgaria) known for its wheat fields and rich harvest, might turn into a desert. The same fortune might befall some regions in the Danube Plain as well as on the Romanian regions Banat, Oltenia and Muntenia. This might happen due to climate changes, shows a research conducted for several years by specialists from 13 leading European meteorology and hydrology institutes. According to the scientists, after 20 years the southern part of the Old Continent will be strongly affected by the global warming and in many places there will be droughts and poor crops. The climate changes will cause a decrease in grain production nearly in half.
“In two decades the global warming might lead to droughts in at least 10 Romanian regions, which will lower by nearly 40 per cent the grain production,” said Romania’s minister of Environment Nicolae Nemirschi about the research, quoted by Adjerpress.
‘We have to take the results of that research under serious consideration and to try to slow down the process and to prepare ourselves for the expected changes,’ added the minister.


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