Vermont: Economy, Global Warming Discussed At Woodstock Town Meeting

Jaimarie Ely | Fox44 News

Senator Bernie Sanders said there’s a way to solve some of the country’s economic problems while also taking on global warming. Senator Sanders and author and environmentalist Bill McKibben held town meetings about the issues Sunday.

“The results of our failure if you don’t correct it very soon will be written you know in not a few years of pain, or decades of pain, but in geologic time,” McKibben said.

Every seat in the Woodstock town hall theatre was filled, so people stood and sat in the aisles to hear what Sanders and McKibben had to say about global warming and the economy.

“The challenge right now is creating jobs maintaining a strong economy and doing it in a way that doesn’t destroy our environment and doesn’t increase the dangers of global warming,” Senator Sanders said.

Senator Sanders said the country needs to be aggressive in moving towards things like wind and solar energy, and could bring in lots of jobs by breaking dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. Senator Sanders said just within the economic recovery package there are millions of dollars that should help, some of which he has introduced.

“Which will move this country from fossil fuel to sustainable energy to energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gasses as we create millions of good paying jobs,” Senator Sanders said.

Charlet Davenport of Woodstock said some of the topics discussed were once considered controversial.

“I don’t think that’s the air anymore, I really feel hopeful,” Davenport said.

The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.


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