Jamaica: Team attending climate change conference

Panos Caribbean | Jamaica Observer

A small team of government and media representatives from Jamaica are participating in the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference which started on December 1 and continues through December 12 in Poznan, Poland.

The government representatives are chief climate negotiator Clifford Mahlung, and head of the Climate Branch of Jamaica’s Meteorological Office, Jeffery Spooner, while representing the media are Deleen Powell, Zip FM, and Indi Mclymont-Lafayette from Panos Caribbean.

“The discussions in Poznan will have special significance for the region,” Spooner told Panos Caribbean shortly before leaving the island. “There needs to be instruments in place to take over from the Kyoto Protocol in 2010 and in Poznan; we will start negotiations to get the wording and specifics of those new agreements going.”

The Caribbean will participate in talks aimed at redefining climate change goals and strategies for adaptation and mitigation. The outcomes of the discussions are of particular interest to the Caribbean, as scientists predict that the effects of climate change will be more acutely felt by countries in the developing world.

The Jamaicans will be joined by Annabel Fuller from Antigua and Barbuda and Rachael van der Kooye from Suriname.

“They will form part of a larger group of 40 journalists from 33 developing countries that Panos, under the Climate Change Media Partnership programme, will be taking to Poland,” said Mclymont-Lafayette.

The Climate Change Media Partnership is a global media partnership created in 2007 to help boost journalistic coverage of climate change issues. It started with getting 40 journalists from developing countries to the UN climate change summit in Bali in December 2007.


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