No friction with Obama at climate talks, says chief delegate


The top US delegate at world climate talks here said Monday he saw no likelihood of discord with the incoming administration of Barack Obama, who has vowed to overturn US policies on global warming.

Harlan Watson, heading the US team at the 12-day UN talks that opened here Monday, said “the principal differences” on climate change between President George W. Bush and President-elect Obama were on addressing domestic emissions of greenhouse gases.

“I would say, don’t look so much at the differences domestically. On the international scene, there’s broad-based agreement,” he told a press conference.

Watson said he saw “broad consensus with regard to a number of important issues internationally — it’s a global issue, we need all parties in the [UN Climate] Convention involved, in particular major developing economies. There’s no difference in opinion on that.”

The United States has been isolated on climate change since Bush walked away from the Kyoto Protocol in 2001.

Abandonment by what was the world’s biggest carbon polluter at the time nearly destroyed the landmark treaty to curb greenhouse gases.

Bush said the emissions targets negotiated under President Bill Clinton were too costly for the US economy.

He also said it was unfair that emissions curbs only applied to developed countries, not emerging giants such as China and India.

Talks resumed in Poznan on Monday on building a successor to Kyoto’s provisions beyond 2012 under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Delegates have been wondering whether the Bush administration will take a hard line at these talks, choosing to obstruct agreement or set down positions that would then have to be unwound by Obama.

Members of the US Congress will attend the talks next week, and report back to the president-elect.

Watson promised the United States would not hamper progress.

“We’re going to be making positive contributions so that the next team can pick up the ball and carry it forward,” he said.

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