Australia: Thousands march to stop climate warming



Thousands have taken part in marches around Australia calling for action to stop climate warming.  Nature Conservation Council of NSW spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann said the group was pleased with the number of people who took part in its fourth annual Walk Against Warming.

“The year after Kevin Rudd was elected (prime minister), we were wondering if people would turn out in force,” Ms Faehrmann told AAP after the event in Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD.  “This demonstrates people are still concerned about this issue.

“They get that the government is acting too slow.”  A colourful crowd showed up in Martin Place, despite the grey skies.

Some were dressed as polar bears. Others wore windmills on their backs.  Others carried placards of penguins with messages that read: “Don’t build your home on my home,” and “Some like it hot, penguins not”.

Ms Faehrmann told the Martin Place crowd the government needed to reduce greenhouse pollution “to the levels that science is telling us is necessary for a safe climate, not just to the level the fossil fuels industry can live with”.

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