A World at Stake



By Sylvia L. Mayuga | INQUIRER.net


To the steady beat of countdown to the U.S. presidential elections on Nov.7, the world at large joined the American millions glued to the live telecast of emotions rising to fever pitch in the nominating conventions of the Democrat and Republican Parties the past two weeks.

The world is not voting, but it might as well be, given its passionate interest in the course and outcome of America’s Super Tuesday. And this is its mantra for America: Don’t blow this chance to make the right choice! It will impact on us all as your gut issues interlock with ours in the economy, the energy crisis, global warming, and winning the peace under threat from fundamentalist ambitions.

This is how Peter Hartcher puts it in Australia: “United States presidential campaigns are free entertainment that America gives the world … But it is more than just a reality TV show…We know that the choice of president will influence the likelihood of the US making war… When America goes to war, so, historically, do we. …”

Hartcher’s opinion belongs to a worldwide range drawn by America’s National Public Radio (NPR). There’s more in YouTube, with the French telescoping the issues; Indians diagnosing the American electoral dynamic from the filters of their maternal culture; the traditionally phlegmatic Germans joining the global chorus. There too is Libya’s Col. Muammar Ghadafi getting the basic facts wrong. And the Japanese, oh the Japanese, who have turned Barack Obama into a fad in a fad-prone society.

Here’s an eloquent summary of the moment from a thoughtful young non-American in Shanghai. “Ecotone,” the ecologists call a zone in the natural world where living species from separate geographical locations meet and blend into new combinations. In the planetary political ecotone, this variety of world citizen is already merging with the American activist variety called “Democrats Abroad,” giving the world a whole different view of their country than it has seen in the past eight years under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and company.

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