Rural Nebraskans Back ‘Immediate’ Government Steps to Curb Climate Change

( – LINCOLN, Neb. — A majority of rural Nebraskans are concerned enough about global warming that they support “immediate action” by the government, though many older residents and people in agricultural occupations are skeptical about climate change’s causes and impact, according to the Nebraska Rural Poll.

Surveys for the 13th annual University of Nebraska-Lincoln poll were mailed to about 6,200 randomly selected households in Nebraska’s 84 rural counties last spring. Results are based on 2,496 responses.

This year’s poll included questions about rural Nebraskans’ attitudes toward energy use and conservation, reported earlier this summer ( ) and perceptions of global climate change.

Responses to questions on both issues, researchers say, reflect a concern about the future among many rural Nebraskans that’s led them to be unusually supportive of aggressive government action.

Fifty-three percent of poll respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “global climate change requires immediate action by the government.” Twenty-one percent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

“It is unlike rural Nebraskans to believe anything requires action by government, especially when it involves promulgation of rules about how you live your life,” said Randy Cantrell, rural sociologist with UNL and the Nebraska Rural Initiative.

Bruce Johnson, UNL ag economist and member of the Rural Poll team, said there’s a message there for policy makers.

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